About Us

South Youth Football & Cheer Association

  • South Youth Football and Cheer Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 and is part of the Heartland Youth Football League.

  • We strive to develop programs which serve all players, regardless of skill level. We foster an environment of fun, fitness, development, and understanding in both football and cheerleading.

  • We welcome any child who has an interest in football or cheerleading to register!

Mission statement

The Mission of the Association shall be to promote and administer the game of football and the activity of cheerleading for the youth of the South Williamsport Area School District. To accomplish this purpose, the Association shall:

  • Develop and encourage good sportsmanship in youth, parents, and coaches along with improved playing and athletic proficiency.

  • Provide an opportunity for the youth of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania to play football and participate in cheerleading activities in an environment of competition.

  • Promote interactions between the youth of South Williamsport, Pennsylvania and youth of other communities within Lycoming County, Pennsylvania by encouraging and assisting in the development of programs, leagues, and teams in South Williamsport and other nearby communities.

Board of directors

  • President - Don Bower

  • Vice President - Eric Gerber

  • Secretary - Stasi Miller

  • Treasurer - Kristen Campbell

  • Fundraising Coordinator - Carlie Gerber

  • Concession Coordinations - Kendra Brown & Becky Mench

  • Football Equipment Manager - Art Saxe

  • Cheer Equipment Manager - Natasha Osborne

  • Football Commissioner - Shane Miller

  • Cheer Commissioner - Nikki Owens

  • Assistant Football Commissioner - Kris Runner

  • Assistant Cheer Commissioner - Aubrey Quimby